The Beach Club Grill Restaurant

As a Luxury Restaurant nominee for the 2021 Awards, The Beach Grill Restaurant boasts top notch materials, ingredients that are of superior quality, an efficient staff, respectful of the highest standards and a varied cuisine that will make our guests’ mouth water. The restaurant is located on the main beach facing the pristine lagoon and offers lunch and dinner with a base selection of seafood, fresh fish, meat and vegetables cooked on a stone grill that is used to enhance the flavor of the ingredients. A pizza & pasta station and the Beach Pool Bar complete the wide range of this deluxe all-inclusive offering.

Freshness is at the basis of every component of the dish prepared and it is accompanied by the garnishment of the plate, spices and aromas that contribute to the final dish when tasted. The use of high quality organic and local ingredients makes the meal and the experience unique and more authentic. Respecting the integrity of the ingredient also means giving the right importance to each and every ingredient and using the least ingredients possible but all the ones needed to make that dish memorable. Fewer flavors confuse the palate less and preserve the authenticity of each individual ingredient to a greater extent. This can be done also by adding items that will accentuate the flavor of the ingredients without imposing on, or masking, the original flavor.

These flavors can be savored a couple of meters from the ocean while listening to the sound of the ocean that will accompany each and every dish making it a multi-sensorial experience. If experienced at golden hour, it would definitely a scene to remember for a lifetime as the sky turns rose gold. The food and the view will definitely induce a boost of serotonin as the aesthetics of a place can contribute to rising an individual’s happiness and relaxation mode. This as the individual is concentrated on different amenities and senses, it is easier for their eye to be captured by the different distractions.

Moreover, this experience cannot be said to be complete without a little treat that can be savored directly at the Beach Pool Bar. This is as it offers refreshing smoothies that are fresh and that will boost your immune system as they are filled up with nutrients. The refreshing drink will surely be a holy hand for the end or the beginning of a sunny day and contribute to the rising of one’s energy levels.

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