Harmony and Balance for your Body & Soul

Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa offers exclusive and luxurious places, where lush and excellence are combined together for guests who want to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

The Emerald Spa, as for the other Resort facilities, has been created with lavish materials, to preserve the natural status of the surrounding Maldivian ecosystem. The Spa area is characterized by an Indonesian-style Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, sauna, a beauty salon and 10 private bungalows for body and facial treatments, nestled in the tropical ambience of the island.
It has been realized with the intent of fulfilling the desires of the most demanding clients, through highly qualified and professional masseuses ready to offer guests relaxing moments.

Curious to know what treatment would suit you best?

Abhyanga or Shirodhara?

The Emerald Spa is a place of comfort that allows you to immerge into an oasis of peace where, detoxing your mind, is a must to get away the yearlong stress and maintain the balance of body and soul.

Our signature Spa treatments are designed to meet every possible request, and satisfy all your needs. For instance, the hot stone massage, will help you eliminate toxins and create a deep feeling of relaxation and, the aromatherapy massage, able to alleviate stress through gentle movements with the use of oils that are able to provide an exclusive inhalation experience. Otherwise, the Abhyanga massage in which herbal oils are applied through gentle downward strokes or, the Shirodhara massage an alternative full hour treatment of psychosomatic balance, typical of the Ayurvedic techniques.

Furthermore, those who wish to reduce cellulite on the body, might try the sculpting massage that will also help distribute body fluids evenly, avoiding fatty deposits. Those who prefer a brighter, hydrated and glowing looking skin, may opt for body scrubs & wraps, such as the sun soother, to regenerate the skin using nectars of premium quality.
The treatments mentioned are only a glimpse of what you can rely on at the Emerald SPA!

Take some time off, inhale and exhale and start breathing fresh holiday air.
What are you waiting for? Join us!

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