Green Holidays

At Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa you will be able to find an eco-friendly environment in harmony with the surrounding Maldivian nature, maintained with the intent to preserve the original status of the existing ecosystem.

The resort’s accommodations and facilities are constructed with natural materials like stones, “Langhi Langhi” leaves and wood. The implementation of solar panels in each villa, has the aim to provide hot water throughout the Resort including staff accommodations, and to contribute in the correct functioning of the natural resources. Lastly, as a final step, the resort created a sustainable process to reuse the wasted water for irrigation purposes.

Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa is located on Fasmendhoo Island, which was previously used by local people for agriculture purposes. In addition, directly from the island’s rich soil, the resort staff, cares for the growth of healthy vegetables, in order to give guests authentic, zero-mile and high-quality ingredients.

Moreover, one of the Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa goals, is to enrich the garden to ensure an internal supply in the upcoming years.

Whereas the selection of other supplied products such as fresh fish, it is provided by local fishermen which won’t need any packaging, upholding the resort plastic free attitude. Lastly, a composting facility is available on the island, converting food waste into organic fertilizer for our gardens.

“As we define ourselves as guests of a beautiful ecosystem, we are contributing to the environment’s protection with different initiatives such as: the use of bikes and electric cars; the use of green waste (dried leaves etc.) as mulch for soil stabilization; the use of paper straws, provided only on request basis, instead of the plastic ones”, said Mr. Srikanth Devarapalli, General Manager of Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa, who constantly works to implement new green strategies to enhance the Resort and to reduce plastic consumption.

People who choose a Maldivian holiday, choose to respect the environment. For this matter, guided by our skilled Chief Engineer, a back-end tour of the powerhouse will be available for guests interested in the island eco-friendly processes.

Follow us to be updated about our next sustainable missions!

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