Move Your Home To Us

Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa is ideal location to take a break from everyday routine and find your motivation, creativity and productivity again. Create memories with the people you love while feeling like at home through the privacy and comfort of your villa.

Emerald Maldives & Spa with its spacious ambience is capable to ensure maximum tranquility and privacy to all guests, making you feel like you are on your own private island. Feel like at home through the comfort of your own room, provided with everything you need to be cozy and at ease with the surroundings. For the busiest ones, what is better than shifting your smart working in a tropical magical destination like the Maldives? Amazing high speed Wi-Fi will allow you to keep in touch with reality and to work with maximum speed, while having breakfast in your own water villa and checking up on your latest emails as well as going for a swim in a matter of minutes.

Work in the middle of the “Natural Elegance” and feel the "Natural Freedom" again with your family or your partner, by changing location and feeling safe. Choose optimization, and a way to combine your serenity with the ocean sounds. The Resort’s facilities and adventures will transform your mindset as you will no longer be used to the same routine.

Immerge yourself in nature, in comfort, elegance and design in a little dimension of your own.

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