A Proposal at Emerald Maldives

What is more romantic than taking your loved on for a surprise trip so an enchanted tropical land and then popping the question on the fine white sand and in front of the turquoise crystal-clear lagoon or perhaps after a dinner a few meters from the sea and with a sunrise as a view.

How did you envision your special day? Did you imagine it as a Disney movie? Or did you have something else planned for it? And what about the location? All questions that can be answered on the spot or with some thought. Well, if your mind isn’t made yet, why not task some counseling fromEmerald Maldives’ Engagement Concierge. Among all of the services the resort has to offer, this new one is one of the most special and unique as it makes the popping of the question easier than expected. Relaxation is brought to the maximum level as everything will be planned to the smallest detail to ensure that this day is as eventful as possible by highlighting Emerald’s natural beauty and romance. An Engagement Concierge’s job is to take your ideas, feelings and expectations and turn them into reality. Whether it means sourcing the perfect flowers, choosing the right restaurant or location, or having special guests, family members at the surprise.

Sometimes, the request happens in advance when the couple books for the stay, with an already clear idea of what the guest wants or has in mind, other times it is improvised and not planned beforehand thus, elements as the jewellery has to be found on land. Usually, if planned in advance, the request is more about which spots on the island are more romantic, which of the restaurants is more appropriate or more suitable for the occasion or even which seating is the most romantic and more intimate that will allow the surprise to be even more special.

The next thing to envision is also the perfect place to hide the ring, which place is more private to make the moment as intimate as possible and if the whole thing should be recorded or not. Commonly asked questions are about the music, whether or not it should be present, if a band should come to create a more romantic ambience, and whether the question should be popped during the day, at sunset or perhaps under the stars. This as Emerald Maldives is a perfect go to destination for a romantic proposal as it has a unique ambience, the scenery creates the perfect atmosphere for a romantic confrontation and an out of this world experience that is also multi-sensorial, where the sound of the sea and music mixes with the delicious smell of the dishes, the sight of the location and how the dishes are assembled.

 Moreover, other aspects can be arranged such as a photographer or a drone that will capture the special moment and will make this day one to remember for a lifetime.

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