Eco Green Resort

Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa aim is to preserve the Natural Beauty of the environment not only through the selection of natural materials to camouflage itself with the surrounding ecosystem and biodiversity but, as well as adopting a THINK GREEN mentality.

There are several sustainable initiatives implemented such as, the switch from plastic to glass to contribute to the preservation of nature as well as the use of non invasive designs. The essence of Emerald Maldives has been emphasized as well in an article from Forbes: “Emerald enhances the natural charm with a buildout that exists in harmony with the surrounding seascape. Bamboo, driftwood, native langhi langhi leaves have all been incorporated into construction. The resort is operating largely devoid of single-use plastic. It hopes to rely primarily on renewable energy within the next five years.” (Japhe, 2019)

Also, in order to create awareness between guests, the Resort offers the possibility to have 3 sessions every week on Marine life protection with the resident Marine biologist. The topics include an introduction of Marine wildlife & their habitats, Structure & Ecology of the Maldives with a brief discussion on the geological history of the atolls & islands. For a better understanding of the situation, the current status of coral reefs is explained as well as their threats and how everyone can contribute to the conservation of the ecosystem in the best way possible.

Furthermore, the resorts’ restaurants ensure the usage of top quality products for the realization of the dishes. Freshly picked herbs such as basil and other spices, add that special touch that will enhance your gustatory experience at Emerald Maldives. Small details are usually the most important ones, and these contribute to the refining of the different recipes, that have a role in “bringing new flavors” to what we call “paradise.”(Japhe, 2019) 

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Emerald Maldives Is Bringing New Flavors To Paradise

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