Dreaming About The Maldivian Essence

Sometimes, the human mind drifts off and starts to reflect upon past memories, things of interest, perhaps vacations. In current days, dreaming about vacations has been more frequent, but what do dreams mean? Why do we have these dreams? Have you ever dreamt about the Maldives for instance? a far away paradisiac place rich in sunsets, sunrises and crystalline water, the ideal destination to relax from everyday stress.

Dreaming of a tropical vacation is something really common nowadays and it usually means you need to take a break to recharge or also represent achievements. For example, dreaming about the sea can mean different things. A calm sea means everything will go well and that you are satisfied with your current situation, while if you dream about rolling waves, it means that you are dissatisfied. Moreover, sunset represents the completion of a journey that could be intended as life itself but as well the passage of time. A sunrise, however, represents a new beginning, a following of a new direction, the embarking on a new adventure. These dreams all have a positive connotation and as the day pass, the more people want to travel. 

This is a period in which staying home is a must but, our mind is elsewhere making a to do lists of all the places to see once the situation will get better all around the world. Well, Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa is the perfect opportunity to dream with open eyes again! An uncontaminated 20-hectares oasis, rich in biodiversity, nature, sunrise, sunsets and marine life. The Resort, now, might sound unreachable but it is a destination that will allow you to sit down and relax, breathe fresh air and enjoy yourself. As soon as travel confidence will resumes, Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa assures the ultimate tropical holiday and a new positive beginning. 

Furthermore, if you book with us, you will have a 100% free cancelation policy up to 3 days from arrival.

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