Dine Around the World

Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa is a tropical oasis situated in the Indian Ocean and is the home to four restaurants that offer a variety of different cuisines. Ranging from Mediterranean to Japanese, Italian, Asian, Central and South American to Vegetarian and many additional treats to discover fully satisfy even the most discerning gourmets.

This as Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa introduced the idea of traveling through food and as the setting changes, guests are fully teleported in another reality where they will have a major grasp of its authenticity, culinary traditions and culture. Each restaurant in this corner of paradise on earth, will allow guests to take on an enriched gustatory journey.

This has been possible through Emerald Maldives initiative of having a monthly visiting chef. By traveling to the resort, they will introduce their culture, recipes and cuisine and strengthen the resorts culinary knowledge with a new take on ingredients, on flavors and add to the cuisines already present at the resort. Some of these are Russian Chef Nikita Baumer, Russian Chef Nikita Martynov and Indian Chef Kunal Kapoor that brought their recipes directly to the Maldives by showed their take on cuisine and demonstrated their cooking techniques.

Russian Chef Nikita Martynov made visit a couple of times by introduced Russian Cuisine. He conducted Hands on training for the Emerald Chefs to prepare Russian dishes with a distribution of a certification at the end of his visit, organized and prepared a wine dinner and prepared daily Hold & Cold dishes for the Aqua Buffet. He was then preparing Quiches for the Special Russian Easter Dinner at Aqua Restaurant, Trained Kitchen TMs special Marination for Fish & Meat for BBQ Cooking and prepared the Russian Easter Special Breakfast. Moreover, Chef Nikita Baumer, during his stay, prepared Special Dishes for Russian New year Dinner in Aqua Restaurant, as well as teaching everyday, some Hot and Cold Dishes that will be served for both Lunch and dinner buffet at Aqua. Last but not least, a greater knowledge of Indian Cuisine was brought to the resort through Indian Chef Kunal Kapoor that organized a 4 course Indian Menu for a Wine Dinner Event and also had a Live Cooking Class in Aqua Restaurant with Chef Aldo.

Moreover, this spacing of cultures, traditions, aromas, spices and types, and methods of cooking has allowed Emerald Maldives to earn the position as the Maldives’ best gourmet destination.

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