Asian Cuisine At The Maldives

Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa is the union of cultures and cuisines as it offers guests to experience different culinary journeys in its four restaurants, using authentic, fresh and mostly cultivated in local land ingredients.

The representation of when culture meets tradition, is The Asiatique Restaurant, a place to live a new experience of taste and flavors, a whole new dimension that evokes faraway lands with custom dishes of the typical Asian world.

Guests have the possibility of enjoying the true art of sushi and typical Japanese recipes spacing from rice to noodle base ingredients, to then have other vegetarian, carnivorous, and kid friendly options. Considered the backbone of the restaurant, the Teppanyaki cuisine combines tradition and innovation in an explosion of aromas. It involves the use of the teppan, which is a hot plate on which the raw meat, vegetables or seafood will be cooked and served, while watching a spectacular show that will involve everyone.

Moreover, the ambience of the restaurant will definitely play a fundamental role with its raw design and eco-friendly materials such as the black bamboo, that blends perfectly with the surroundings without altering the “natural elegance” of the environment. This will be the cherry on top that will give its final touch by accompanying the courses.

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