5 Things You Can Do To Feel At Emerald Maldives

In this period of struggle, it is important to keep a positive mindset because not only it will influence your current day but it will also influence the rest of your week and once you get used to a habit or pattern, it sticks with you indefinitely unless you try to change that habit into something more positive and better for your wellbeing and happiness.  

Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa is aware about the current situation and wants to spread love by encouraging people to have a more positive mindset, feel less stressed, more energized and a happier version of yourself. These are 5 tips to help you start or end the day in a healthy way and feel as if you were immersed in a tailor made personal mini tropical holiday in your same home.

1. Deep Breathing Exercises for Intercostal Muscles & the Diaphragm Breathe and relax through Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa, Yoga instructor's tips

Deep Breathing Exercises for Intercostal Muscles & the Diaphragm are two very useful exercises suggested by Emerald’s instructors, to alleviate the stress of everyday life and feel mentally free as if you were on vacation.  

The first exercise is called Bellow’s Breath. It is a breathing exercise that not only is detoxifying but it is also very good for your diaphragm muscles. This exercise must be done in a seated position. Once seated and comfortable, the aim is to inhale naturally through your nose and when exhaling, you need to snap your muscles in. Repeat this sequence for 30 seconds and gradually increase the pace.

The second exercise is called Intercostal Stretching Breath. This time, you will not need to sit down. In standing position, stretch both of your arms over your head. Then, inhale deeply and exhale while stretching your arms to the right. This will stretch your left intercostal muscles. Then, inhale and exhale while returning to the center. Inhale again and exhale while stretching your arms to the left for your right intercostal muscles. Repeat two more times on each of the sides.

2. Morning boost beverage to feel the taste of a paradise escape

The second thing that you can do to improve morning energy is through an energy booster.

The first beverage we would like to suggest is warm lemon water, a very beneficial light drink that helps your body’s digestive system and keeps you hydrated at the same time. 

The second beverage is instead a richer and more consistent smoothie, green in color with a secret ingredient: the match green tea, a very effective metabolism booster

Smoothie Ingredients:

¼ c pineapple, frozen

1 c kale or 2 kale leaves, de-stemmed

1 tbsp coconut oil or coconut butter

½ avocado

1 c water or coconut water {or sub milk or nut milk of choice}

Optional: 1 tsp matcha green tea for extra energy boost

Optional: ½ c full fat plain Greek yogurt {great for making smoothie pops}

Optional: ½ banana (or avocado)

3. Turn your bathroom into the Emerald Spa

Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa boasts a lot of facilities, among these, The Emerald Spa. The perfect tropical space inside our oasis of bliss, where you can relax through massages and treatments. For alleviating your daily stress, below two useful homemade beauty tips to give your skin a fresh look and feel like in a 5-star Spa.

Natural Facial – Stay home stay safe

This facial treatment is suitable for all skin types and will help to refresh and hydrate your skin with ingredients that you can easily pick from your fridge at home.


Face cleanser: 2 tablespoons of plain Yoghurt mixed with 1 teaspoon of honey

Face scrub: 1 tablespoon of fine Sugar

Face toner: Carrot water

Face Mask: Cucumber, slices thin layers

Face oil: Virgin Olives oil

Face moisturizer: depend on your own homecare product

Apply the cleanser in all areas for few minutes and then clean the face with a warm wet towel and apply the carrot water toner with a cotton pad. Once the skin has absorbed the carrot water toner, make the face scrub by mixing the sugar with a little of warm water and make inner circle movements. After that, remove the face scrub with a warm wet towel and apply the face oil with circle movements and some pressure point on the face. Place the sliced cucumbers all over the face and keep it for 15 minutes. Remove the cucumbers, wipe the face with the towel and apply the moisturizer.

Coffee scrub at Home

Coffee is not only good to boost your morning moods but is as well very beneficial for your skin.  In fact, Coffee helps firming the appearance of the skin and preventing cellulite.


1 cup of finely ground coffee beans

½ cup liquid coconut oil or Virgin olives oil

2 tablespoon of natural honey

Pour the coffee, the coconut oil and 2 tablespoons of natural honey into an empty bowl and stir all the ingredients until they’re well combined. Apply the scrub to damp skin, entire body with circular movement and keep it for few minutes. After that, shower and apply the body moisturizers. This treatment is perfect to remove dead skin and is recommended to do it once per week.

4. 5 minutes bonding and finding Emerald Maldives ‘Natural Elegance’

It is known that nature has a positive impact on our daily mood and increases our body’s well-being. Therefore, given the current circumstances and while waiting to reopen our doors to guests, letting them immerse in Emerald Maldives 20-hectares Natural Elegance island, being in contact with nature can help you feel with us. One thing that could help is finding 5 minutes every day and spending them outdoors, either it being a quick stroll around your building, sitting next to a plant you have in your living room or relaxing in your terrace.

After being concentrated from work or a study session, a break is something you need in order to restore your energy and attention, it will allow you to be more proactive, more controlled and less irritable. It also encourages physical activity and improves short-term memory.

Stressful situations can lead you into feeling sad and anxious. This causes your blood pressure to rise as well as your heart rate, increase muscle tension and suppresses your immune system. Nature has a healing effect on the body and mind. It will make you feel better emotionally and influence your physical wellbeing.

Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa is not only a paradise destination, it’s also the perfect habitat nature wise. From dolphins, to manta rays, sharks and sea turtles that swim in the island’s mesmerizing coral reef to green vegetation, palm trees and white sandy beaches.

5. Make your home feel a little more like Emerald Maldives Beach Club

Amongst Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa’s facilities and activities, you can find the Beach Club. A really vast area located in the resort main beach, in which guests can swim and relax in front of the ocean and watch one of the best sunsets in the world. In addition to this, colors found in nature have a soothing effect on the individual, this is because light colors have always been more tranquil to the eye. 

Color therapy is used to improve or change your mood according to color symbology and, we encourage you to use some of the below colors in your home to feel more like at Emerald Beach Club:

Yellow is a color often associated with the sun, it promotes joy, happiness and energy, it produces a warming effect, it stimulates mental activity and muscle energy. Light Blue is instead the color associated mostly to the sky and sea, representing depth and stability. 

Lastly, the White color is usually associated with light and, Green is the color of life, renewal, nature and harmony. All of these colors are associated with the Beach Club, and This are considered beneficial for the body’s overall wellbeing. 

We look forward to welcoming you very soon at Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa!

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