5 Senses Tropical Escape

A glimpse of tropical essence that involves all five senses through a luxurious and elegant journey.  Emerald Maldives Resort & Spa offers a Deluxe all-inclusive formula that allows guests to dine at their favorite restaurant anytime during the day, offering a wide selection of cuisines and, open kitchen as in the Asian and South American restaurants. 

Guests will be able to travel with their mind through different cultural destinations, thanks to the restaurants design and amazing cooking performance as per the Teppanayaki show. 

Imagine being immersed in another dimension and getting to know another culture better through authentic and traditional flavors. This might sound magical to begin with but it's easier than one can imagine… To start with, the Beach Club, located on the main beach, creates the perfect setting for a romantic beach dinner based on mediterranean cuisine and wine tasting on the sea. Also, being completely transported in a tropical jungle with all the nature and  trees,  and learning about South American cuisine while tasting some rich tasty meat skewers at the Amazònico Restaurant.

At Emerald we truly believe that by giving a multi-sensorial experience through the smell, taste, sight and sound, is the most effective way to leave an impression in an individual’s mind and it creates long lasting memories.

Furthermore, the island is an experience in itself from the nature, the landscape, the smell of the sea, the coolness of the water, to the sound of the waves when underneath the surface while diving or snorkeling or simply relaxing in your private villa. A real-life aquarium and tropical paradise with all the diverse species of fish, coral reef and white sandy beaches.

A real-life dream watching the most colorful sunsets during dolphins’ cruises, arranged by our 5 star Diving Center or, just by having a relaxing aperitif at the resort’ Beach Club. 

Lastly, the Emerald Spa provides different types of massages with qualified Thai and Indonesian massage therapists, an Indonesian inspired pool, a steam bath, a sauna, 10 air-conditioned treatment rooms and a beauty salon. Ideal for guests who want to relax in a surreal atmosphere and have a Balinese experience that is set through the scenery, the sound of peace and silence and the subtle nature ambience music played.

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